Openbravo ERP Modules

Master Data Management

Openbravo ERP helps you organize the key company data centrally to facilitate easy flow of information across the board for different company processes.
You can create and manage products across multiple categories, sizes and multiple indices. Pricelists, rates, price limits and specialized rules can also be created.
Payment terms, invoicing schedules, volume sales discounts, sales channel information and more can be handled from this module.

Procurement Management

This module helps you to be on top of your supply chain network.
Procurement Management module is tightly integrated with the financial and warehouse management modules.
In essence, if you choose to buy raw materials or office furniture, appropriate deductions are made in the financial module and a place is allotted in your warehouse for the same.
Openbravo allows  your suppliers secure role based browser access to your inventory and usage information.
Purchases can be planned, purchase orders can be raised and invoiced right from this module.

Warehouse Management

Inventory information from across all your warehouses can be maintained up to date with the Warehouse Management module.
Multiple warehouses can be linked and easy management of bins & palettes for handling multiple items (SKUs) is available.
PoS terminals can be integrated directly to this module to ensure that the item is in stock before generating a sales order.
Picking methods can be defined (based on stock aging, LIFO, location etc.).
Movement of inventory from one warehouse to another warehouse (internal transfer) can also be performed effortlessly.

Project & Service Management

Project & Service Management is ideal for companies involved in the service business or working on projects.
With Openbravo, management of estimates, budgets, phases, tasks, expenses and related purchases can be tracked for each individual project.
Billable and non billable (internal projects) expenses can be clearly defined and managed from this module.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM functions are integrated into the Sales module which in turn handles quotes, orders and invoices.
While not clearly segregated or fully independent, the CRM functions are sufficient for a business that emphasizes on customer retention.
Sales module can capture daily sales information from PoS terminals and has tight email integration as well.

Financials & Accounting

Last but not the least is the Financials & Accounting Module.
Openbravo supports multiple currencies which is a welcome feature if your monetary transactions are international.
On top of other standard features we come to expect from an accounting module, Openbravo supports multi-schema accounting allowing you to account the same transaction to be accounted in different rules, different charts of accounts, in different base currencies and with a different accounting calendar.

Final Thoughts

The Openbravo team should really consider cutting down the number of questions asked before getting hold of the package.
Also, there are simply too many packages and platforms to choose from.
While this is, for the most part, a good thing, there is a chance that users might get confused as to which virtualization software is the right choice.

Though Openbravo advertises having an integrated CRM solution, it’s not fully featured and is pretty bare bones.
So, it would be better to set up a open source CRM like vtiger if your business is heavily dependent on marketing campaigns and heavy data mining of customer information.
In a nutshell, Openbravo ensures a consistent and productive end user experience and I highly recommend this for your small or medium business needs.

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